OC Slingshot Rental


Rent a Polaris Slingshot in Orange County today.  Enjoy the sights of the Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach in a Polaris Slingshot rental to make your vacation an experience to remember. Cruise the coast or all of southern California at your leisure soaking in the sun.



With Slingshot rental rates as low as $200 for a ½ day or $300 for a whole day, you could make your weekend a total blast for you and your friends. We have local pick-up locations here in Orange County minutes from the airport, or get your slingshot delivered to you at your hotel or Airbnb at your convenience.


178 HP Prostar 2.0L Engine
ABS Brakes
Traction Control


Cruise Control
Electronic Stability Control
Automatic Transmission


Your own insurance 
inquire for coverage options

The Slingshot Effect

According to Polaris, the Slingshot effect is

“almost impossible to miss. No one can seem to keep their eyes off of it, whether at rest in the parking lot or at speed on the highway. The reason is simple. The Slingshot looks, sounds, and drives like nothing else on the road today.”

The Ride

Classified as an Autocycle, the Slingshot is not a motorcycle.

Open Cockpit

It has the feel of a roadster, with the open air and wind, it also feels like a motorcycle.

The Effect

With no roof or doors, and sitting a mere 5 inches from the ground, you have to drive it to feel the Slingshot Effect!

Rental Rates & Information

  • Insurance, Taxes & Refundable Security Deposit not included in Prices Shown Above
  • Security Deposit $1000 Credit Card Deposit


# of HOURS



$1502Same DayUnlimited
$2004Same DayUnlimited
$2506Same DayUnlimited
$3008Same DayUnlimited
$35024Next DayUnlimited
$600482 DayUnlimited
$800723 DayUnlimited
$12001205 dayUnlimited
$16001687 DayUnlimited

Slingshot Riding in Orange County

Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1)

Southern California is known for many things, including, of course, beautiful water and ocean views. Among the many options available for motorcycles and the Slingshot, is the Pacific Coast Highway, or CA-1, with the most popular stretch for enthusiasts being the run between Jamboree and San Clemente.

Along this stretch are many places to pull off and stretch, or go sightseeing for a bit. Including Crystal Cove State Park, San Clemente State Beach, Laguna Beach, and Ruby’s Shake Shack. There are stunning ocean views along the way and the trip is a fun way to enjoy the Slingshot.

Ortega Highway

Extending from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, Ortega Highway is another super drive for anyone. Those in a Slingshot will enjoy it far more than the average person, however.

The ride is quiet and beautiful at the beginning with huge open areas and a meandering path that will slowly build. As the rider continues the path becomes far more exciting and builds into a mid-level run downhill, descending the mountain with exhilarating excitement.

More Riding Areas

With too many places to properly cover here, Slingshot drivers can expect nothing but great views and exciting travel in Orange County.

A few other spots deserving a look:

  • Santiago Canyon/Live Oak Canyon
  • Carbon Canyon Road (CA-142)
  • Turnbull Canyon Road
  • Laguna Canyon Road (CA-133)

If you need any help planning your time during a Slingshot rental from our Orange County Slingshot Rental Service, don’t hesitate to let us know during your booking.


See the sights in a new way


A Sunny Slingshot XP-erience


World Famous Coastal Driving


What kind of license do I need?

California requires only a regular driving license for driving a Slingshot. The Slingshot is considered a 3 wheel motorcycle and many states consider it an autocycle, which allows for a regular drivers license to be all you need.

Is it required to wear a helmet?

Yes. California law requires a helmet for driver and passenger when operating a Slingshot. We offer helmets for both driver and passenger and we clean and sterilize them after every use.

Are your vehicles automatic transmission?

Yes. All of our Slingshot’s offer automatic transmission.

Do I need insurance?

We offer insurance for additional cost.